How Solar Energy Is Made

Solar Energy

Sunlight is the baseĀ  source of solar energy on earth

Sunlight is the base source of solar energy on earth. If you think about it hard enough you realize that the sun really is the ultimate resource. Plants thrive off sunlight to grow, stay healthy, and oxygenate the earth. Heat absorbed into our atmosphere with different temperature changes creates wind. Wind can be harvested and also turned into energy. The sun also causes evaporation creating rain. Rain falls back to the earth forming streams and rivers. This is where Hydro turbines collect energy as water passes through. Maybe in the future someone will design a product to catch rain as it falls and uses the kinetic energy for another source of renewable energy. Solar energy is the base of many different kinds of energy and we should definitely make use of everything we can.

The solar panels that you see on solar lights and calculators are also called photovoltaic cells, photo meaning light and voltaic meaning electricity, which transfer sunlight straight into electricity. A module is a group of cells connected together and packaged into a framework commonly referred to as a solar panel.

Solar energy means using the power of sunlight to provide electrical energy, to heat up water, and to heat up or cool people’s homes.

Sunlight is a untarnished, never ending supply of energy. It is a sustainable natural resource, bottom line, it doesn’t run out, the supply will be there for ever.
Gas and coal are not sustainable or renewable, so once they’re gone, there’s nothing left.
Increasingly more individuals are choosing to exploit the use of clean, renewable energy including solar, wind, in addition to others.

Solar Energy is also Known as Green Energy

The suns solar energy is a gigantic and bountiful never ending supply. When a structure is in position to change it in to functional power, the energy is costless plus will at no time be accountable to changes in any market forces. In addition, it represents the clean choice to the trace fossil fuels that presently contaminate our atmosphere and water, jeopardize our mutual well-being, in addition to being partly responsible for global warming. Given the abundance of supply along with the attraction of solar energy, this natural resource is in a great position to perform an outstanding function in the worlds energy outlook.

Video on Solar Energy in the Home


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